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Ultra high performance wireless bridge Installation

Installation of 5 GHz point-to-point system with 700+ Mbps throughput.

The requirement…

Ibbotson’s Produce Ltd new processing centre near Tadcaster, north Yorkshire required a high speed data connection to their current location approximately 5KM apart. Due to the location of the new processing centre high speed broadband was not available from traditional providers. Smartideas UK were appointed to provide a solution for the data link.

The solution…

An initial ground and drone survey was undertaken to confirm if line of sight was available between the buildings. Once line of sight was established a Ligo wave point to point wifi bridge was installed as each location.

The wifi bridge enabled a high speed data connection to be created between the buildings using the existing building as the main hub for internet connection.

Equipment : LigoPTP 5-N/ 5-23 RapidFire

The feedback…

“The Wifi link enabled the new processing centre to have a high speed broadband connection that was previously unavailable from traditional suppliers. The direct connectivity provided a seamless network connection to the existing facility with no ongoing monthly costs.”





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