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 Access Control Systems


Protect your business and create a safe environment for employees & visitors with a professional Door entry installation.

Maintain business efficiency for your staff whilst restricting access for visitors with our comprehensive access control solutions

Installing an access system allows you to issue programmable tokens that are secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective. Once installed, all doors connected to the system will lock automatically when closed, preventing entry to anyone without a PIN or token.
With an access control system in place, you have the power to regulate the access rights of all users. Such as, all personnel can gain entry through the main door, but areas with restricted access will only be accessible to those who have been granted special access


What Our Clients Say

Torque started to work with Smart Ideas in 2015 and the service provided in all respects has been very professional and of good quality. The company has shown a caring positive attitude in all areas. Our business is fast paced and has grown at an alarming rate with many changes, so we needed to build a close working relationship to call on a business when in need of quick results.
Smart Ideas provide that and always go the extra mile which is appreciated. 

IT Manager

Our credentials – you’re in safe hands….

We are an authorised Paxton access control installers and provide our customers with :


  • Net2 Access - Designed to make the management of any building very simple.

  • Net2 Entry - Door entry allows you to recognise a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building.

  • Paxton10 - Access control & video management on a single platform.


Smart Credentials

Traditional cards and fobs are no longer required with the latest Smart Credential systems.

Using Bluetooth technology and a secure app allows access via your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. Smart Credentials are easy to use and remove the need to purchase cards or tokens for an access control system.


Server Access Control 

Take back control of your building! Server based access control allows control and management of door access points throughout your organisation. Enrol new starters, remove lost tokens and produce audit reports for personnel movement throughout your site. 


Cloud based Access Control Solutions

Perfect for multiple or remote managed sites, one server can support over 1000 doors across multiple sites. An online user- friendly interface allows control and management of a building from PC or smartphone. 

Biometric systems

Biometric systems can include facial recognition and finger-print readers.  

These offer higher levels of security to ensure identification of the user and prevent misuse of tokens. They can be used in addition to a card reader to offer two step authentication for a higher level of security.  

Biometric systems benefit from lower ongoing costs as they do not require tokens or cards to operate.   


Access Control
Maintenance Plans

Door Access and Automatic Barrier/gate Service

Standard, Comprehensive, Premium, these can be tailored to your specific needs - so you only ever pay for what you need with one simple payment for everything and no hidden charges


Related Access Control Solutions


Turnstile Installation

Smart Ideas UK can install and integrate a wide range of turnstiles for your business. 


Automatic Barriers/Gates

Automatic barriers offer a physical barrier preventing unauthorised vehicles from entering your premises.


Intercom Systems

A security intercom system acts as an electronic gatekeeper for your premises. 

Access Control Success Story


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Access Control Solutions 

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