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Keeping students safe

Thermal and optical IP CCTV installation in Meanwood, West Yorkshire for Urbanite Living

The requirement…

A brand-new student accommodation facility in Leeds needed to keep their students safe whilst building works were completed elsewhere on site as well as keeping building equipment and materials secure.

Smart Ideas UK Ltd were engaged to design and install a system that would meet the clients’ requirements and budget.

The solution…

Thermal and optical IP CCTV cameras were deployed around key areas of the site which were out of bounds for students. The cameras employ advanced analytics which can detect humans, vehicles and animals with high precision. The camera system becomes active when the building works is finished for the day. Once active the cameras constantly monitor the protected areas, if they detect a human presence an alert is sent to a 24/7 monitoring station who respond accordingly sending a mobile guard patrol if necessary. This solution not only protects the students but also safeguards valuable materials and equipment on site.

Our thermal and optical IP CCTV camera uses deep learning algorithms to detect humans, vehicles, and animals with high precision. It can operate in any weather conditions and provides perimeter protection 24/7 so you can relax knowing that your property is always protected.

Perimeter Detection CCTV





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