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CCTV monitoring of online bagging process

Installation of CCTV system to view the scanning and bagging process of high value stock.

The requirement…

Torque Logistics required CCTV monitoring to view the online bagging process at their Wakefield Warehouse. The CCTV cameras were essential to view products as they were packaged to verify customers' orders were fulfilled correctly. The images had to be of a very high quality to see the details of the product and quantities packaged. .

The solution…

Smart Ideas designed and installed a CCTV system around the bagging processing area that would ensure all items could be viewed during the scanning and bagging process.

This included:

• A bespoke steel gantry was constructed to ensure the cameras could be fitted in the optimum location.

• A high resolution IP camera to view each processing station.

• High capacity NVR (network video recorder) to enable live view, remote view and recording of all images 24 /7

• Integrate the CCTV cameras into the existing security network.

The feedback…

““The new process cameras are brilliant, they give us the ability to identify products as they are packed to ensure our customers get the correct orders."





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