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Kardex Shuttle CCTV Bradford

HIK Vision CCTV installation in Shipley, West Yorkshire for Kardex Shuttle storage Lift

The requirement…

A Large Manufacturing factory in Shipley, West Yorkshire require a CCTV solution to monitor there new Kardex Shuttle lift system. The Shuttle is a vertical storage lift system from Kardex Remstar for managing a number of storage and retrieval applications. The client required a a High resolution CCTV solution that would monitor the operation of the machine.

The solution…

After an initial survey it was determined that 4K 8mp HIK Vision cameras would be required for optimum coverage. Due to loading restrictions mini dome cameras were installed in all lift bays with 8MP motorised zoom lens cameras covering the general area.

All the cameras were networked back to a local NVR and configured onto a server running HIK Central software.

• 8MP motorised zoom lens cameras

• 8MP fixed lens mini dome cameras





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