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New Optimus Sorting Machine Data

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Smartideas were appointed to design and install 250x Cat5e data points for new £2 Million pound Optimus Sorting Machine

Sorting Machine Data Network

The requirement…

Torque Logistics operates in seven locations, with eight warehouses and well over 1000 employees. Torque`s IT department contacted Smartideas to help design and install the network cabling infrastructure at their Bradford Site for a new £2 million pound Optimus Sorting Machine.

The solution…

The Optimus Sorting Machine required 250 x CAT5e data points, two 21U Data cabinets and two 8 core OM4 fibre optic cables.

The 250 x CAT5e data points were installed in 3 compartment dado trunking with 125 x single gang sockets with double faceplates.

Two 8 core OM4 50/125μm tight buffered optical fibre cables were installed in steel wire mesh tray work in diverse routes to the main core comms cabinet.

A Gigabit performance test was carried out on all the cabling to the IEEE802.3ab Ethernet standard. At the end of the project the client was issued a PDF report to prove all data cables can carry Gigabit Ethernet traffic at full speed with no errors, and confirms correct wiremap results.

The feedback…

" Torque started to work with Smart Ideas in 2015 and the service provided in all respects has been very professional and of good quality. The company has shown a caring positive attitude in all areas. Our business is fast paced and has grown at an alarming rate with many changes, so we needed to build a close working relationship to call on a business when in need of quick results. Smart Ideas provide that and always go the extra mile which is appreciated "

Warren Voss | IT Manager, Torque



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