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Commercial Fibre Optic design, Termination & Splicing Services

Understanding which type of fibre optic cable is suitable for your application is critical to ensure you achieve the performance required for your system

At Smart Ideas we can design, install and verify your new fibre optic network. From advising on what type of fibre optic cable to use and where best to deploy it within your network to maximise efficiency and productivity. We can also advise and supply fibre optic equipment to deploy within your network such as media converters, SFP modules and network switches. 


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Smart Ideas will assist you in the design of your system, from choosing the correct cable, planning cable routes and containment through to cabinet positions and infrastructure.

  • Site Survey

  • Detailed CAD Plans

  • Optimum Routes

  • Cabling Infrastructure

Quick guide to Fibre Optic Cable types :

  • OS2 – Single mode fibre Optic cable 9/125 – long distance up to 100KM

  • OM3 – Multi mode fibre Optic cable 50/125 – Medium distance up to 300M @ 10Gbps

  • OM4 – Multi mode fibre Optic cable 50/125 – Medium distance up to 500m @ 10Gbps

Cable Brands We use


Single Mode Vs Multi Mode

Single Mode Fibre

As the name implies a single mode fibre optic cable uses one glass fibre strand with a fairly slim core diameter. However you can have several glass fibre strands within a cable jacket to have multiple single mode fibre paths within a cable. As the core diameter is very small (9 microns) internal light reflection is minimised which reduces attenuation allowing for longer transmission distances. Single mode fibre optic cable is typically used for longer transmission distances (over 500 metres) and uses a laser for the light source.Telecommunication companies use single mode fibre for broadband internet transmission to homes and businesses. Single mode fibre can also be used to connect business data networks in large warehouses or multiple sites. 

Multi Mode Fibre

Multimode cables use two single fibre glass strands to send and receive network data. As with the single mode fibre cable you can have several glass fibre strands within a cable jacket, typical sizes are 4, 8, 12, 16 & 24 core. They have a slightly larger core diameter at 50 microns which increases light reflection and attenuation when compared with a single mode fibre. Multi mode fibre optic cable is typically used for high speed data transmission up to 500 metres and uses an LED for the light source.
Multimode fibre optic cabling can be used to connect data cabinets together, for high speed connection direct to workstation and many other commercial and industrial applications.

Fibre Optic Solutions


Fibre Optic Installation

0ur engineering team install fibre optic cabling solutions for internal or external applications


Splicing & Termination

Smart Ideas are specialists in fusion splicing of single mode and multi-mode Fibre Optic cables


Emergency Repair

Smart Ideas specialise in Fibre Optic Fault finding and can usually find and rectify a fibre optic cable fault within a day. 

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