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CCTV Maintenance & Repairs


Avoid unnecessary Camera & NVR breakdowns with our comprehensive Access Control Service and Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance and service is essential to ensure your CCTV system is operating correctly

Your CCTV system is an essential part of your business security and can be easily overlooked if not used regularly. Prevention is better than cure and it is important that the systems are checked and adjusted periodically to ensure they are operating correctly.

Smart Ideas can service and maintain your existing CCTV system, even if we didn’t install the original equipment. We can ensure your CCTV system continues working correctly and effectively. It is recommended that your CCTV system is maintained every 6 months.


CCTV Maintenance Packages

We offer Preventative maintenance packages to ensure routine servicing of your CCTV System is carried out on a scheduled basis. Smart Ideas also offer corrective maintenance service for your CCTV system whether we have installed the system or not. You can count on us to correct any issues or faults to return your system back to full operation swiftl

  • Check & adjust camera focus and viewing angle

  • Clean camera lens’ and external lights

  • Test and check operation of external sensors

  • Check night time operation (infra red)

  • Check fixings to ensure secure attachment

  • Test and check PTZ motor operation

  • Electrical connections tested

  • Adjust monitor settings

  • Check camera playback

  • Check footage can be downloaded

  • Check and adjust time & date stamp

  • Password and user level checks

  • Test network settings for remote viewing

  • Complete service history records (cloud based for immediate access)


Need an Emergency CCTV Repair ?

Does your CCTV System have :

  • Hard drive Failure

  • Missing Cameras

  • Poor Quality Images

  • No Recordings 


If you require an urgent response please call us on

Alternatively fill out our enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch.

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New CCTV Installation & Solutions


ANPR Traffic Solutions

Automatic number plate recognition cameras can used to allow authorised vehicles into controlled areas as well as for tracking vehicles’ movements around your site. ANPR Cameras can be integrated into your barriers or automatic gates.


Thermal Detection

Perimeter detection is a crucial first line of defence for high risk sites, commercial, industrial or residential properties. Thermal detection cameras will operate effectively in all environmental conditions and are unaffected by fog, rain or snow.


VMS Software

Choosing security cameras isn’t the only important step in implementing video surveillance.


The video management software behind the camera must support the functions the user is looking for. Call or contact 


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